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Sainik Trading Company…Your Trusted Commodity Supplier


Sainik Trading Company provides reliable and trustworthy export services as well as a full line of premium quality extensive merchandises.
Actually we have succeeded in establishing long-term business and personal relationships locally and abroad with enterprises and individuals who consider honesty, integrity, and reliability as values important to everyone’s success. We take care of our entire business partners because we believe in life time relationships.
These relationships, in addition to our commitment in delivering the best products and customer support, have allowed us to grow into export industry; thus becoming a leading company that manages commodity trading and all retail and wholesale variations all across Lebanon.
Our strategic location is very useful for exporting all kind of products without any delay. We ship orders in timely manner so that our customers receive their products fast, always keeping in mind our products’ quality, diversity and value.
Quality assurance and on-time delivery is of primary importance to us as it gives us a strong edge in a very competitive export market. Our practical approach from source to market and complete dedication to details provides our customers with peace of mind and export quality assurance at all times.
Through a concentrated effort and a determined purpose, we are confident that we will provide our customers the Best Value - Quality, Service and Price – for our export services of higher quality products, and faster response time. We aim to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers abroad by providing the best quality of goods always at competitive prices.


Commodity Trading

We have an implicit knowledge in all kinds of commodity trading since we have been in this line for four decades now. We utilize our experts’ skills and knowledge in manufacturing large scale of commodities for trading, in order to provide you with the best quality/value products.
Our logistics service expertise allows us to arrange commodity trading delivery for customers in a cost-effective and reliable manner. This combination represents a full matching set of services to prepare and deliver our customers’ goods. Since we are involved in every step of the process, we are able to provide operational efficiencies such as speed time, reduce risk and lower overall costs for our customers.
Sainik Trading Company was able to expand and develop due to our practical experience and continuous development of our commodities that are known for their diversity, their perfect quality control and their affordable prices locally and abroad.
Our success is built upon familiarity with the market, our reliability and responsibility, as we strive to be an unfailing and competitive partner, working to contribute to our customers’ and suppliers’ growth and development.


Retail - Wholesale

In general, the retailing and wholesaling industries, commonly referred to as the distributive trades sector, represent the intermediate steps in the distribution of merchandise between producers and consumers of goods. But in our case, we are not simply the intermediate; we are also the producer; and we do produce a large number of commodities and brands. Wholesale and retail trade services are crucial to the efficient and effective flow of goods from producer to consumer, and as Sainik Trading Company, we are able to perfectly manage this service.
We are engaged in offering goods and services directly to consumers or retail outlets. We are primarily concerned with our long list of products’ distinguished diversity, affordability, and excellence.
We do our utmost to provide our clients with the best retail-whole services, locally and abroad, always aiming to deliver an unparalleled experience and to exceed all expectations.

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